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Is it an officially naked place?

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Is nudity optional there?

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Is the access free of charge?

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Is it family friendly?


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Is there also a cruising area there?

No answers

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Does it have lifeguards?


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Are toilets available?


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Feels like 26°C, broken clouds

1.34 m/s, 1015 hPa, humidity 70%, UV: 2






















Avatar Joseph 2021-09-12

  • English Cap de Agde Naturiste is a long and beautiful beach of plage naturiste côté digue, which is basically closed, so everyone here is free and naked. The center has everything you need for a free and carefree holiday, including a variety of shops, cafes, bars and more. There is also a sauna for more games for adults and a private marina. Entrance to this port limits access to this beach and nudist center. The beach stretches for several kilometers and ends behind a nudist campground. The beach is wide, yellowish sand and quite clean. The beach next to the cottages is suitable for families with children, but at the campsite it becomes fun for free people. In this beach area, you will often see public and completely open love games that often attract one or more extra people, so the relationship is already taking place with the participation of three, four or more people. It is not for nothing that the nudist village of Cap de Agde is famous as a swing resort. However, such games are not available elsewhere on the beach and can be used safely with children.
    Sure, this beach, like the entire center, is for more adults looking for a free summer adventure, but it’s perfect for both.

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