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How do you like it?

It's perfect

  • 0 x It's terrible
  • 0 x It's not the worst
  • 0 x It's average
  • 1 x It's very good
  • 1 x It's perfect
Is it an officially naked place?

Yes, it's official

  • 0 x No, just known for being nude
  • 2 x Yes, it's official
Is nudity optional there?

No, you are expected to be naked

  • 2 x No, you are expected to be naked
  • 0 x Yes, it's clothing optional
Is the access free of charge?

Yes, it's free

  • 0 x No, there is an entry fee
  • 2 x Yes, it's free
Is this place always naked?

Yes, always

  • 0 x No, only during particular periods
  • 2 x Yes, always
Is it clean?

Very clean

  • 0 x Total mess
  • 0 x A bit dirty
  • 0 x Not that bad, not that good
  • 0 x Quite clean
  • 2 x Very clean
How do you like the atmosphere there?

Very friendly

  • 0 x Very hostile
  • 0 x A bit hostile or hermetic
  • 0 x Neutral
  • 1 x Friendly
  • 1 x Very friendly
Is it crowded?


  • 0 x Almost empty
  • 2 x Regular
  • 0 x Hard to find a place
It is accessible by public transportation?


  • 2 x No
  • 0 x Yes
How wild is the nature in this place?

Natural but maintained

  • 0 x It's not natural
  • 2 x Natural but maintained
  • 0 x Almost like untouched by humans
Is this place accessible for people with disabilities?


  • 0 x No
  • 2 x Yes
Is it LGBTQ+ friendly?


  • 0 x No
  • 2 x Yes
Is it family friendly?


  • 0 x No
  • 2 x Yes
Is there also a cruising area there?


  • 0 x No
  • 2 x Yes
Does it have lifeguards?


  • 2 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Are toilets available?


  • 2 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Are showers available?


  • 2 x No
  • 0 x Yes

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Avatar Nerion 2018-06-30

  • Polish / polski Świetna "plaża" oddzielona od "zwykłej" naturalną barierą z krzewów.
    Teren jest podzielony na 2 części. Jedna to trawiasta łąka i druga która jest plażą piaszczystą.

    Na terenie są śmietniki.

    Strefa do crusingu znajduje się w lasku pomiędzy łąką a plażą więc uwaga w drodze na siku ;)

Avatar Avris 2018-06-30

  • English A very lovely place with beutiful views on the lake. It's to the north from the textile beach, in an area separated by bushes. There's both a sandy beach there and also a grass meadow behind a bit of a forest. The water in the lake is really shallow. Gay guys are often cruising in the forest right to the north of this place. Easily reachable by bike or wheelchair.

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