Maez an aod

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  • How do you like it?

    It's perfect
  • Is it an officially naked place?

    Yes, it's official
  • Is nudity optional there?

    No, you are expected to be naked
  • Is the access free of charge?

    Yes, it's free
  • Is this place always naked?

    Yes, always
  • Is it clean?

    Quite clean
  • How do you like the atmosphere there?

    Very friendly
  • Is it crowded?

  • It is easy to get to with public transportation?

    Quite hard
  • How wild is the nature in this place?

    Almost like untouched by humans
  • What gender are the visitors?

    Mostly men
  • Is this place accessible for people with disabilities?

  • Is it LGBT friendly?

  • Is there also a cruising area there?

  • Is it family friendly?

  • Does it have lifeguards?

  • Are toilets available?

  • Are showers available?


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The nudist area is on the right part of the Mez an Aod beach. At high tide the two parts are separated. It's a really lovely beach, almost hidden in a natural zone. Facing west, you will enjoy wonderful sunsets. Depending on the season and the time, population vary. Mixed, families and gays during Summer and day, mainly gay otherwise. It's also a famous place for cruising !

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