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How do you like it?

It's perfect

  • 0 x It's terrible
  • 0 x It's not the worst
  • 0 x It's average
  • 0 x It's very good
  • 2 x It's perfect
Is it an officially naked place?

Yes, it's official

  • 0 x No, just known for being nude
  • 2 x Yes, it's official
Is nudity optional there?

Yes, it's clothing optional

  • 0 x No, you are expected to be naked
  • 2 x Yes, it's clothing optional
Is the access free of charge?

Yes, it's free

  • 0 x No, there is an entry fee
  • 2 x Yes, it's free
Is this place always naked?

Yes, always

  • 0 x No, only during particular periods
  • 2 x Yes, always
Is it clean?

Quite clean

  • 0 x Total mess
  • 0 x A bit dirty
  • 1 x Not that bad, not that good
  • 1 x Quite clean
  • 0 x Very clean
How do you like the atmosphere there?

Very friendly

  • 0 x Very hostile
  • 0 x A bit hostile or hermetic
  • 0 x Neutral
  • 1 x Friendly
  • 1 x Very friendly
Is it crowded?

Almost empty

  • 2 x Almost empty
  • 0 x Regular
  • 0 x Hard to find a place
It is accessible by public transportation?

Conflicting answers

  • 1 x No
  • 1 x Yes
How wild is the nature in this place?

Natural but maintained

  • 0 x It's not natural
  • 2 x Natural but maintained
  • 0 x Almost like untouched by humans
Is this place accessible for people with disabilities?


  • 2 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Is it LGBTQ+ friendly?


  • 0 x No
  • 2 x Yes
Is it family friendly?


  • 0 x No
  • 2 x Yes
Is there also a cruising area there?


  • 2 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Does it have lifeguards?


  • 2 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Are toilets available?


  • 2 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Are showers available?


  • 2 x No
  • 0 x Yes

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Avatar Nerion 2017-09-18

  • English Great place almost forgotten .
    You need to park car close to the road and bus stop and then go ~700m walk through closet street to get here. But it's worth it!

    Nature here is marvelous , you can see that some development was made to prepare this place for potential resort but never been use in that way.

    this is stone beach so take your protective shoes with you and enjoy :)

Avatar Avris 2017-09-18

  • English Secluded and not too crowded.
    Beautiful views on the ocean and the gorge.
    Clean water, but algae in some places. Pretty clean, but occasional cigarette buns and trash are also laying around.
    Tiny stones can be painful to walk on.
    You need to park (or get off the bus) on GC-500 road and the hike ~600 m down a blocked, asphalt road - perfect for a nude hike.

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