Review by Pwhambling

  • How do you like it?

    It's average

  • Is it an officially naked place?

    No, just known for being nude

  • Is nudity optional there?

    Yes, it's clothing optional

  • Is the access free of charge?

    Yes, it's free

  • Is this place always naked?

    No answers

  • Is it clean?

    Not that bad, not that good

  • How do you like the atmosphere there?


  • Is it crowded?


  • It is easy to get to with public transportation?

    Quite hard

  • How wild is the nature in this place?

    Natural but maintained

  • What gender are the visitors?


  • Is this place accessible for people with disabilities?

    No answers

  • Is it LGBT friendly?

    No answers

  • Is there also a cruising area there?

    No answers

  • Is it family friendly?


  • Does it have lifeguards?


  • Are toilets available?

    No answers

  • Are showers available?

    No answers