Zwembad Overschie

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  • How do you like it?

    It's average
  • Is it an officially naked place?

    Yes, it's official
  • Is nudity optional there?

    No, you are expected to be naked
  • Is the access free of charge?

    No, there is an entry fee
  • Is this place always naked?

    No, only during particular periods
  • Is it clean?

    Quite clean
  • How do you like the atmosphere there?

    Very friendly
  • Is it crowded?

  • It is easy to get to with public transportation?

  • How wild is the nature in this place?

    It's not natural
  • What gender are the visitors?

    Mostly men
  • Is this place accessible for people with disabilities?

  • Is it LGBT friendly?

  • Is there also a cruising area there?

  • Is it family friendly?

  • Does it have lifeguards?

  • Are toilets available?

  • Are showers available?


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EDIT: When I went there today, there were SMALL CHILDREN (dressed) bathing in the pool. I don't think that's something one should expect when going to "Naturistenzwemmen", is it? I felt very uncomfortable and left.

Also: after 1st of September there will be NO MORE nude swimming there.

Old description:

Every Sunday morning 9:45 - 10:45 there's a Naturistenzwemmen here (at least currently, it might change). When I was there, ~20 people were swimming, mostly older and men, but also a couple of younger people and women. That made it quite crowded already since the pool is pretty small. Warm water (29 °C), friendly staff, close to a bus stop. A really nice place.

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