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It's very good

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Is it an officially naked place?

No, just known for being nude

  • 1 x No, just known for being nude
  • 0 x Yes, it's official
Is nudity optional there?

Yes, it's clothing optional

  • 0 x No, you are expected to be naked
  • 1 x Yes, it's clothing optional
Is the access free of charge?

Yes, it's free

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  • 1 x Yes, it's free
Is this place always naked?

Yes, always

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  • 1 x Yes, always
Is it clean?

Very clean

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Very friendly

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Is it crowded?

Almost empty

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  • 0 x Hard to find a place
It is accessible by public transportation?


  • 1 x No
  • 0 x Yes
How wild is the nature in this place?

Almost like untouched by humans

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  • 0 x Natural but maintained
  • 1 x Almost like untouched by humans
Is this place accessible for people with disabilities?


  • 1 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Is it LGBTQ+ friendly?


  • 0 x No
  • 1 x Yes
Is it family friendly?


  • 1 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Is there also a cruising area there?


  • 0 x No
  • 1 x Yes
Does it have lifeguards?


  • 1 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Are toilets available?


  • 1 x No
  • 0 x Yes
Are showers available?


  • 1 x No
  • 0 x Yes

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Avatar ChaudDuSlip 2019-09-29

  • English It's a 40 minutes long walk south from L'Estartit beach.
    You will encounter a dog beach at some point.
    Further is a non-official nude beach with mostly heterosexual couples.
    Further will be an area withe wooden "shelters" and nude people, 50% gay, 50% straight couples.
    In the dunes behind you can see single guys cruising.

  • French / français, langue française Il faut marcher 40 min vers le sud de la plage de L'Estartit.
    Il y a d'abord une plage pour chiens.
    Ensuite juste après le dernier bar de plage, une plage nudiste non-officielle, il n'y a pas de panneau, mais les gens sont nu. Principalement des couples hétérosexuels.
    Plus loin encore au sud on atteint une plage avec de nombreux abris de bois, cette zone est fréquentée pas des nudistes, 50% gay, 50% couples hétéros.
    Derrière dans les dunes on aperçois des hommes qui attendent des rencontres.

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